The Sweat Equity Alliance (SEA) is a community activist network committed to combating systemic racism and discrimination in El Segundo, California, in order to create a safe, inclusive, and equitable community for all.
DEI Committee Presents Public Safety Report to City
The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee presented their report to El Segundo City Council last Tuesday (2/1), regarding their analysis of the El Segundo Police and Fire Departments. There was a slide presentation that included some of the methodology and statistics regarding personnel, hiring policies, UoF (use of force), arrests, sensitivity training, etc.
In this message, we focus on how the DEI’s presentation to the City reported on the police department. It’s not that we aren’t concerned by the alarming lack of diversity within the fire department at large which the Committee made clear, but we feel the El Segundo community has been more directly and negatively impacted by the police department, so we’re advocating for improvements there more strenuously.  
SEA Change Community Service Scholarship
SEA Change launches a scholarships for high school seniors of the El Segundo Unified School District (ESUSD). Through this scholarship, SEA Change seeks to empower and support student leaders in furthering their education so that they can continue to have positive impacts in their community.
We seek peace and justice, equality and equity, along with liberty and safety for all who live, work, study in, or visit El Segundo, CA. We know specific communities are disproportionately disadvantaged by systemic racism, sexism, elitism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and gender discrimination, and we seek to remedy those wrongs. We know anti-Black and Brown racism is baked into the DNA of El Segundo, and continues to negatively impact the city to this day. We are committed to rooting out the problem and repairing the damage.

We are demanding change, creating awareness, and building a truly united El Segundo.

In addition to our commitment to achieving meaningful and measurable change at the local level, we support and will assist state, national, and global efforts that align with our Mission.
Join the SEA Change movement! Help us unite El Segundo, and bring new meaning to the phrase "An honest day's work."
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