Prevent. Object. Witness. Empower. Report.  Take back your POWER! Report harassment and discrimination in El Segundo.

The POWERline is a place for those who experience harassment and discrimination in El Segundo to share their stories. We know that everyday instances of racial, religious, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, and disability harassment and discrimination go under-reported. We at Sweat Equity Alliance would like to hear your stories. We believe that power comes from the people, and from the stories that they impart. We stand against hate in all forms. Together, we can stop it.  
The journey toward making El Segundo a community that values, embraces, and protects people from all walks of life continues. By reporting your incident, you will be helping to educate our community, create advocates, and make El Segundo a place where diversity thrives.

While the Sweat Equity Alliance will aggregate data for the purposes of tracking, analyzing, and reporting hate and harassment incidents, we do not share any of your personal information without your consent, and your reported incident does not become part of the official public records for the City of El Segundo. This form does not report to law enforcement, the school district or other agencies.

If you wish to seek assistance from law enforcement or the school district, please contact local law enforcement or the school district directly to report a crime or file a complaint. You can find contact information for local agencies on our Resources page.
Read authentic stories of racism and bigotry submitted by members of the El Segundo community through the POWERline.